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Monte Pascoal

Monte Pascoal cigars are limited production Brazilian puro cigars of traditional looks and impeccable construction. Monte Pascoal cigars are 100% expertly hand-made in Brazil using only the finest estate-grown Mata Fina and Mata Bonsucesso tobaccos from the Bonsucesso Farm of Tabacos Mata Fina. The estate is located in the city of Governador Mangabeira, in the State of Bahia, Brazil.

Smooth, silky, seamless dark wrapper, with some oils. Nuances of earth, white pepper, coffee, and spices underline moderate sweet notes. Starts with sweet coffee aromas, then come fine cedar, fruits, bitter almond notes and the sweetness of nougat and honey. Perfectly worked, and smooth on the palate. Excellent ash. True cigar aficionados will appreciate this memorable, moderately strong, very complex smoke.




Monte Pascoal Aged Cedar Box

Monte Pascoal cigars are available in six vitolas: Minuto, Petit Robusto, Robusto, Corona, Belicoso, and Double Corona and four packaging options: Single Cigar, Box of 3-5 Cigars, Sleeve (6 Boxes of 3-5 Cigars each), and Aged Cedar Box of 25 Cigars.






Monte Pascoal Logo (Full) Monte Pascoal Logo (Simplified) Tabacos Mata Fina Logo


Brazil was "discovered" in the year 1500 by Portuguese adventurer Pedro Alvares Cabral, who landed on the southern coast of what is now known as the state of Bahia. Monte Pascoal's full logo is a hand-drawn homage to many elements Cabral's voyage. In the middle stands the "Monte Pascoal", or "Easter Mountain" itself. The mountain was noted by Cabral upon his landfall, on April 22nd, 1500, during the week of Easter.

On many occasions, a simplified version of the logo, featuring only the brand's name and monogram, is used. On most packaging options and marketing materials, the logo of the manufacturer, Tabacos Mata Fina, is also used.






  Monte Pascoal Band Monte Pascoal Seal of Authenticity  


Each Monte Pascoal cigar bears a band with the brand's name and monogram. The band is green for cigars destined for export, and red for cigars destined for domestic consumption in Brazil. Monte Pascoal cigars are packaged in either Single Cigar, Box of 3-5 Cigars, Sleeve (6 Boxes of 3-5 Cigars each), and Aged Cedar Box of 25 Cigars. Wood boxes are made by hand using only the best aged cedars, and feature a seal of authenticity and quality, as well as a stamp with the date of manufacturing.