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The Awards

Monte Pascoal premium Brazilian puro cigars are crafted 100% by hand in Brazil using only the finest Mata Fina and Mata Bonsucesso tobacco varieties, estate-grown in the Bonsucesso Farm. Over the years, Monte Pascoal has received very positive reviews and awards.


Monte Pascoal Brand


Cigar Journal
Best Brand Award 2011




Monte Pascoal Minuto


Cigar Journal 90 / 100

"Cedary aromas, delicately bitter touches of nutshells, earthy aromas, a little pepper and the natural sweetness of matured tobacco. Perfectly worked and smooth on the palate. Excellent ash."





Monte Pascoal Petit Robusto


Smoke Magazine 90 / 100

Cigar Journal 88 / 100





Monte Pascoal Robusto


Cigar Journal 90 / 100

"Uncharacteristic of a Brazilian puro, the sweetness plays only a minor role. This is not a typical Brazilian cigar and it shows excellent potential."

Smoke Magazine 91 / 100

European Cigar Cult Journal BEST BUY

Cigar Obsession

"Smoke output is excellent as well as construction. Perfect draw and burn."

Tom's Cigars

"Very good medium bodied cigar. Unique flavor that only tobacco from Brazil can offer."

Stogie Review

"Liked It: Box-worthy. Buy It Again: Yes. Recommend It: Yes."





Monte Pascoal Corona


Cigar Journal 88 / 100





Monte Pascoal Belicoso


Cigar Journal 91 / 100

"Starts with the fine aromas of sweet coffee in the cool smoke. Then come fine cedar and fruit aromas, bitter almond notes, black pepper and the sweetness of nougat and honey. A mild, very complex smoke."

Smoke Magazine 9.0 / 10

"I love full-bodied cigars and the complexity that can be created with them. This was a fine stick."

Cigar Obsession

"Medium bodied, it is smooth and rich with great smoke output, a long finish and even burn."

Cigar Inspector

"I am becoming a fan. This cigar should be enjoyed with a good cup of Brazilian coffee or Brazil's national drink, a Caipirinha. This would be a perfect pairing as the sweetness of the cigar will pair well with the drink."





Monte Pascoal Double Corona


Cigar Journal 93 / 100

"Incredibly smooth and refined. The dominant flavor is that of pure rich tobacco. There are essences of wood and earth but the overall character is just simply, sweet tobacco, well refined."

Smoke Magazine 9.1 / 10

"A great cigar that went very well with the Cabernet in the home cigar lounge. Consistent and most pleasurable."