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The Tobacco

With a rich heritage of tobacco cultivation, today Brazil is the world's largest producer of tobacco, averaging more than 700 thousand tons per year. The best varieties of Brazilian tobacco (notably the prestigious Mata Fina cultivar) are grown in the Reconcavo Baiano, an exceptionally fertile area along the coast of the State of Bahia.


Mata Fina

Mata Fina tobacco is dark, sun-grown, brown to black in color after fermentation, with mild to medium strength, very aromatic, with rich flavor and natural sweetness, temperament, and spice. Mata Fina yields excellent Oscuro and Maduro wrappers. While expensive and relatively rare, it is also used for premium long filler or added to blends in small quantities to boost their aroma and flavor.

Mata Fina is widely exported to South America, the Caribbeans, and Europe. Many famous brands use Mata Fina for unique lines or to improve their blends. Among these: CAO (notably CAO Brazilia), H. Upmann, Altadis USA, La Aurora Preferido Maduros, Carlos Toraño Signatures, Alec Bradley Trilogy Maduros, Villiger Tobajara Brasil, and more.



Mata Bonsucesso

Mata Bonsucesso is a unique cultivar developed by Tabacos Mata Fina from Piloto Cubano seed and grown at Bonsucesso Farm. It is dark, sun-grown tobacco, brown to caramel in color after fermentation, with medium to full strength. It is very aromatic, with rich flavor, and a strong influence of the Brazilian terroir. Mata Bonsucesso yields excellent Maduro and Colorado wrappers, with very few veins, and smooth colors. It is also used as binder and filler, to give body to the cigar blend.



Brazilian Puros

The best way to fully experience the unique aroma and flavor of Mata Fina tobacco is to sample traditional Brazilian puro premium cigars, which today are produced in moderate quantities by specialty brands such as Monte Pascoal. Monte Pascoal uses Mata Fina and Mata Bonsucesso varieties, estate-grown on the Bonsucesso Farm.