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The Process

The crafting of Monte Pascoal cigars begins with the finest tobacco of the Mata Fina and Mata Bonsucesso varieties, estate-grown on the Bonsucesso Farm of Tabacos Mata Fina. Monte Pascoal are 100% expertly hand-made in Brazil following the local traditional process.

To begin, tobacco bales are subjected to a very rigorous quality control process. Any tobacco leaf which does not meet Monte Pascoal's exacting standards is discarded. Approved leaves are separated by intended use (for wrapper, binder, or filler) and by size.


Stretching Rolling Cigars in the Mold


Wrapper leaves are immediately sent to desks of cigar rollers, whereas binder and filler leaves are moistened and subject to the "destalo", or removal of the leaf stalk. Then, they are sent to the "capoteiro", or blender, who is responsible for the unique blend of Monte Pascoal, under the instruction and supervision of the master cigar maker.

Next, the filler is arranged in molds. Molds are then stacked and pressed to form cigars. After pressing, each mold is opened and each newly formed cigar is individually subjected to the "drawmaster", a tool which tests whether each cigar's airflow is adequate and will ensure perfect draw. Cigars which do not meet Monte Pascoal's exacting standards, by being even a bit too loose or a bit too tight, are discarded. Approved cigars move forward to finishing.


Drawmaster Adding Wrapper Adding Cap


Finishing is performed in accordance to the local traditional technique. Firstly, the cigar roller stretches the central stalk of a wrapper leaf onto a wooden plank. Then, a massive steel roller is applied over the entire surface of the wrapper, in a stepped nicknamed "bruising", to smooth the leaf's veins and ensure a superior finished product. Then, the best-looking part of the wrapper leaf is selected, cut, and rolled onto the cigar. Finally, the cigar is guillotined (at the bottom) to the correct size. Completed cigars are grouped into bundles.

At the end of each working day, all new Monte Pascoal cigars are again individually inspected, checking the length, gauge, weight, finish, and construction consistencies, to ensure the best possible product.

Cigars are then placed in a freezers and cooled to temperatures of about -20°F (-30°C) to ensure disinfection. Then they are then moved to an air-conditioned room and warmed to about 100°F (40 °C) to remove the humidity created during freezing.


Cutting Quality Control Storage


Monte Pascoal cigars are then grouped into "meia-rodas", or "half-wheels", which contain fifty units in cedar-lined bins, each labeled with the manufacturing date.

The "half-wheels" are stored at 70°F (20 °C) with a humidity of 70% for a minimum maturation period of 90 days. This aging process ensures the consistency of aromas and gives each cigar a more balanced palate.

After the aging is complete, Monte Pascoal cigars are again inspected and classified by the color and direction of the wrapper. Cigars then received the band and are placed, in their final packaging, in climate-controlled rooms awaiting shipment to clients.